The 50 Sexiest Records …Ever

It was in the winter of 1967 that French singer, Serge Gainsbourg wrote a song for his lover, Brigitte Bardot. They recorded the song with an arrangement by Michel Colombier in Paris, but when Bardot's husband, Gunter Sachs, heard about it he demanded that the record should not be released… and it wasn't. At the time Gainsbourg reportedly said, "I complied" adding, " The music is very pure. For the first time in my life, I write a love song and it's taken badly."

In 1968, Gainsbourg and the English actress Jane Birkin met on the set of a film called, Slogan and soon began a relationship. The couple recorded 'Je t'aims…moi non plus' with an arrangement by Arthur Greenslade at Pye's studio near London's Marble Arch. According to Birkin "I got a bit carried away with the heavy breathing – so much so, in fact, that I was told to calm down, which meant that at one point I stopped breathing altogether. If you listen to the record now, you can still hear that little gap."

Released in February 1969 on the Fontana label the single had a plain cover, with the words "Interdit aux moins de 21 ans" (forbidden to those under 21). At the time there was much press speculation about whether this was the sound of live sex on a record, which angered Gainsbourg who suggested it would have been a LP rather than a 45 if they had been indulging in the real thing. After making No.2 on the UK charts it was withdrawn by Fontana. Gainsbourg did a deal with Major Minor Records and on re-release it reached number one, the first banned number one single in the UK and the first single in a foreign language to top the charts.

Despite being banned by many radio stations it did well around the world, topping the UK charts in the week of 27 February 1969 and making No.58 on the Billboard chart. It went Top 3 in Germany, Austria, Holland, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland.

In the UK, where naturally the BBC banned it, a cover version called 'Love at First Sight', was released by a studio band lead by keyboard player Tim Mycroft who called themselves, "Sounds Nice". The group's name were the words spoken by Paul McCartney when he heard this instrumental cover.

It has inspired us to come up with a list of the 50 Sexiest Records of all time… what do you think we may have missed?

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