The 50 Greatest Drummers

It’s that time again! It’s another uDiscover Poll of Polls. So just to remind everyone, this is not our choice of the 50 Greatest Drummers, this is us scouring the web, and other sources, to see what other publications and tastemakers say are the best.
The Honeycombs (1964)
Now, for starters there’s no place for drumming legend, Dave Clark, nor the wonderfully named, Honey Lantree (above). But it’s great to see Ex-Toto drummer and one of the most in demand session drummers, the late, Jeff Porcaro make the list; similarly Hal Blaine of the Wrecking Crew and Steve Gadd.

Almost inevitably it’s rock drummers that dominate, but there’s some jazz drummers including, Art Blakey, Max Roach and Gene Krupa that have made it, along with another who made the top ten…but he will be revealed later.

No doubt many of you will tell us that this list is completely stupid because we left off the drummer from The Throbbing Goats or Stumpy Pepys. But you can’t argue with the facts! This is what all the other polls out there, deem to be the Greatest Drummers. We’ve scientifically analysed it and these are the results.

If we’d have had our way Charlie Watts would be way higher, so would Benny Benjamin. To be honest some would be much lower…but we’ll keep our own council on that.

50. Jeff Porcaro
49. Gene Krupa
48. Steve Smith
47. Hal Blaine
46. Max Roach
45. Topper Headon
44. Steve Gadd
43. Art Blakey
42. Benny Banjamin
41. Travis Barker
40. Nicko McBain
39. Alan White
38. Simon Phillips
37. Billy Cobham
36. Josh Freese
35. Vinnie Paul
34. Chad Smith
33. Cozy Powell
32. Vinnie Colaiuta
31. Charlie Watts
30. ?uestlove
29. Ansley Dunbar
28. Janet Weiss
27. Carmine Appice
26. Clyde Stubblefield
25. Matt Cemeron
24. Michael Shrieve
23. Bill Ward
22. Roger Taylor
21. Sheila E
20. Lars Ulrich
19. Tommy Aldridge
18. Mike Portnoy
17. Alex Van Halen
16. Ian Paice
15. Bill Bruford
14. Carl Palmer
13. Mitch Mitchell
12. Phil Collins
11. Ringo Starr
10. Terry Bozzio
9. Dave Grohl
8. Dave Lombardo
Dave Lombardo
7. Stewart Copeland
The Police, Stewart Copeland
6. Danny Carey
Danny Carey
5. Buddy Rich
4. Ginger Baker
3. Neil Peart
2. Keith Moon
Photo of Keith MOON and WHO
1. John Bonham

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